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Labour Law Consultancy

Lex Labour provides consultancy in implementation of various labour laws affecting small, medium and large industries. From the appointment of a single work hand, during the continuation of an employee’s tenure till retirement or termination, Lex Labour provides all assistance and support on a turnkey basis. Drafting of appointment letters, rules and regulations of employment, transfer letters, wherever necessary charge-sheets, dismissal letters, etc is done with panache. Our liaison work ensures smooth functioning of the workplace making possible enhanced production, a peaceful workplace and satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Stringent Labour laws in India require due compliance at all levels at all times. Lex Labour provides consultancy to handle day to day labour issues and problems, policy decisions relating to implementation of labour laws including ratio of employees strength, i.e., probationers, trainees, contract workers, temporary workers, fixed term contract workmen, permanent workers, the break-up of salary structure (C.T.C) and other related aspects of employment. The Lex Labour team also engages industrial houses in the management of Wage rates, absenteeism, controlling discipline and proactive consultancy regarding promotions, increments and allied matters. Making the complexity of the laws simple and easily understandable for employers, we provide pro-active consultancy in the implementation of various labour laws, especially the following:

In other words in all the laws which is required from appointing till termination of a workman including the drafting of various types of appointment letters, rules and regulations, transfer letters, charge sheets, dismissal letters etc. including the liaison work with union leaders as required. Further as it is well known that Indian Labour laws are very stringent and it is very easy to employ then to dispense with the services of employees who comes within the definition of “Workman” under Industrial Disputes Act, we while providing consultancy to handle day to day labour problems, also provide consultancy in the policy decisions relating to the various labour laws including the ratio of employees strength i.e. Probationers, trainees, contract workers, temporary workers, fixed term contract, permanent workman, break up of salary structure (C.T.C) etc.