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Welcome to Industrial peace. Welcome to Lex Labour. Lex Labour brings you industrial peace through good industrial relations. Our pro-active positive intervention between management, unions and employees works for peace and harmony for all, through effective and proper implementation of laws and wherever necessary, timely addressing of concerns and amicable settlement of disputes. Our firm is committed to resolve conflicts with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The rich experience of our consultants and modern systematic approach of young lawyers offers legal counsel in a range of areas of labour law –from workmen’s recruitment, salary structure, workmen’s compensation, governmental liability and counseling and litigation.Lex Labour brings you five decades of experience and specialization. With an array of clients in all sectors of manufacturing industries, we have created a permanent and prominent niche.

We are not “the last resort when problems arise”, but creators and maintenance of peaceful work atmosphere “begins with us”. We take the burden off the higher echelons of management of companies regarding industrial relationship management, giving them time and space for continuous productive work. We are consultants for many companies, manufacturing units and infrastructure giants. We have the proud privilege of continuously serving our clients since 1960 with many beyond the frontiers of Delhi. Our forte is industrial peace through deep knowledge of law and systems gained through experience and an understanding of recent trends.With New Delhi as our base, we can efficiently reach out to all manufacturing units/Shops.